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Executive Services Advisor

Your Green Events Organizer We would like to welcome you in our Green Hub and the unique opportunities for all international players and stakeholders, dealing with clean technology and energy in a broad sense. Our Team is based in Europe with offices in Greece and Cyprus, and collaborators in all European countries and Middle East. The main objective of the Green Hub is to: *Organize Green Events for both the Public and Private sector in order to strengthen the global environmental aspects and Clean Technologies. *Arrange professional meetings with stakeholders and small to middle sized businesses in the Energy sector. *Act as a bridge to Europe and commercialize energy products and services from environmental and energy companies from all over the World. If you would like to contact us, just send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible! ANDREAS HADJOUDES As your executive services advisor, we are organizing eco-events and we are offering services in PR mana…