CCC/ADF 2020+

CCC/ADF 2020+
CCC/ADF is offering now a
simple and flexible compensation plan up to 2020!
Double your earnings with the
best compensation plan and an early retirement!!!
What does it means?
It means that we’ve revised
CCC/ADF compensation plan to last not only three years but until the end of
2020. The interest rate remains 6% + we guarantee you double so much yearly
earnings and a huge “monthly rent” (early retirement) at the end of the term
period. We cooperate with the best and most secured payment systems and we are
creating not only money making opportunities but also financing small to middle
sized businesses and co-funding various projects in order to create more jobs
and employment opportunities to the young generation. This is a unique
compensation plan and it doesn’t exist anywhere in the World.
The ADFplan is associated to
Caisse de Credit Commercial. ADF is connected to Caisse de Credit Commercial
Ltd. (CCC) accounts, a fully official registered and licensed offshore
Financial Institution specializing in asset management, project financing and
operates from the customer service office in New Zealand. Caisse de Credit
Commercial is listed EDGAR Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C) in New
York. As an Offshore Financial Institution, CCC is able to offer any services a
licensed bank can offer, inclusive a Master Card with the right to withdraw your
savings and earnings at any time.