Welcome to a new journey!

Hey and welcome to a new journey!
We are pleased to inform you that a big announcement will be made in the next few days about the Autonomous Development Fund and its “Earn & Save” Compensation Plan. The announcement will include the collaboration with a reputable Offshore Financial Institution that many people have already been used for their savings and the utmost professional Asset and Project Management. Please stay in touch with us and we promise that you will get the good news very soon!

In the meantime, the following information will help you to discover many income streams without spending any money or by spending as little as $1.00!
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The sites are suitable for part-timers, students and women at home and the people behind are real. They were working very hard to create PRODUCTS & SERVICES that they are functional and longstanding. All of us respond at once, because what we have in common is that we want to make some extra residual income. The best part of it is that the idea to develop the websites is based on principles: Integrity, Reliability and Professionalism: Founders, co-founders, top leaders and existing or potential customers respect each other because our GOAL is to Earn and Save together and the only objective that is binding us is the unique compensation plan. 
Many people are losing a lot of time and money on the Internet Marketing businesses. With our websites is not allowed to do that, if you just follow the steps.
What we did?
With our experience in the Internet and Content Marketing, we've been connected to the most attractive online income streams:
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SFI is a great affiliate program that you can remain a free member of and still earn very good money from. This program is demanding some time, but if you like to have a real home business, you can use the following link:
Pure Leverage: On top of providing you with some amazing tools that you can use to grow your online business, GVO provides one of the most profitable compensation plans in the industry.
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7 Minute Workout is a VERY profitable affiliate weight loss program.
When people join Dot Com Secrets X through our link they will sign up for a 30-day trial that only costs $1.00.
In order to facilitate our job, I decided to create Andreas Fund and the Autonomous Development Fund (ADFplan). As you can easily see, AndreasFund is a self-financing program (auto-funding). You have the freedom to choose among the most professional programs on the Internet and Content Marketing, starting with Stone Evan's and his free trial "one month couching".
After Day One, you realize that the only thing you need to do is ACTION.
Our advice is the following:
Step One: Follow Stone Evan's Free Trial for 20 minutes a day for 30 days. If you are a newbie, please don't subscribe to any program or pay any money to anybody! If you do so, you will have the sole responsibility and we clearly declare that we are not responsible for any subscription you will make to any program.
The only way not to lose any money is to follow the 30-day trial and then:
-Open an account with PayPal or PAYZA for your own and our security.
Just follow the signs and contact us in case you will need any help:  adfplan@gmail.com

Furthermore, our main objective is to cooperate with the most professional Top Leaders and Financial Institutions, in order to offer you the best compensation plans in the Market.
An offshore financial institution, has already offered us a super package: 6% interest rate! What that means? Simply, it means that 6% goes to the people that they deposit money through their account! Another Offshore Financial Institution has offered us 6,25%. For any detail information, you can always contact us by sending a short message to adfplan@gmail.com
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Just remember: We are all living now in really bad times.
Andreas Fund, ADF trust and ADF platform have created a new program and a new CONCEPT, where everybody CAN make money, without spending any money!
During the first month, we can help you create your own income stream by supporting you to get your first Gold Position You View http://uvioo.com/video/?m=weco and your first Credit Pack in MAP at: http://tinyurl.com/pnd5xg2
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If you wish to get in touch with us immediately, just send us a personal message at: 0035799617969.
Looking forward to have you with us and see you ON the INside!
To your success!
Andreas Hadjoudes
Internet Marketer since 1998
Skype: andreashadjoudes
PS: You can also find us in many other Social Media and we dare to try new systems like: