New business opportunity

Hey and welcome to a new business opportunity!
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For the people that they are seeking something more than the usual, we are delighted to announce the big news: We succeeded to have an access to the insiders in New York and Wall Street. You would be suprised but there is another SIMPLE FORMULA here. We’ have decided to buy and sell shares every day with guarantee gains every day. Small portions but gyaranteed! Look what we can do: I’ve decoded to include in my TEAM only 100 people with a personal communication to each one, without auto-responders. The abstract of the formula is as follows:
ADF CONCEPT,  our NEW PRODUCT ADF100 and all our Websites are officially registered with all rights reserved.
ADF100 is dedicated for our new partners that they would like to have an extra income guaranteed 100% at the end of the month or the year. This offer is exceptional for our first 100 partners and it will be on “the first come, first serve” basis.
Our formula is simple because we believe in people and the power of individuals and of our partners, when allowed to think freely, to act experimentally, to discover and even fail!
ADF100 is Your Key to Guaranteed Income
Through our INSIDERS in New York Stock Market, you can lock in $400, $700 or even $1,000 in a single day. This can be done in some minutes and you can watch it in real time. You don’t need to worry about shares, investments or even precious metals any more. We have the “headache” to invest in guaranteed dividends almost every day. You are sitting and just watching your money growing on the comfort of your sofa. Of course, this cash will be deposited into your PayPal account.
In the meantime, you need to do the following simple steps:
-Reserve your seat by sending us an email at
-Open an account
-Getting started! The limit is set between $100 and $500. You will have information about the development of the shares almost every day.
Please remember that the rule “first come, first serve” will be implied without any exception