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The Autonomous Development Fund (ADF) and Caisse de Credit Commercial (CCC) announce the official launch of ADF “Earn & Save” Compensation Plan for a three years period term.
We have been working over the last few months on putting together some of our knowledge in a compensation plan that people without technical know-how can be a part of it and grow their earnings and/or their businesses by earning 6% interest rates every month and yearly earnings, payable every three months.
CCC and ADF join forces and they are offering now a unique solution for you:
CCC/ADF 2020+
CCC/ADF is offering now a simple and flexible compensation plan up to 2020!
Double your earnings with the best compensation plan and an early retirement!!!
What does it means?
It means that we’ve revised CCC/ADF compensation plan to last not only three but six years term period, starting from 2014 until the end of 2020. The interest rate remains 6% + we guarantee our customers double so much yearly earnings and a huge “monthly rent” (early retirement) at the end of the term period.
People can save between 20 US Dollars and up to some thousands Euros. In your application form, you have the choice of preferences in which area/sector you would like to invest your savings: Energy/Renewable Energy, Real Estate/Tourism, Industry/Agriculture, ICT/innovation and GOLD.
Our Compensation Plan and long term Program does not only include one product but a series of services. We are constantly adding more products that you can

Our Top Leaders and Co-Founders are getting results, not only thinking!

They set up their sales funnel and they get it done!

They customize their follow up email messages.

Top Leaders are PERSONAL, RESPONSIBLE and they DO care about their customers.

They let them know who they are, they are sending informative content, they are writing articles, they are posting useful information, they are sending additional email broadcasts to their list and they are posting videos very often.

They create YouTube videos and share it with their, Social Media, Blogs and websites.
Our Top Leaders choose one main marketing method to focus on and they place their capture page somewhere every day.
We are giving to our leaders a percentage and a part of our earnings will be used for re-investing into marketing!

Our collaborators will be committed to their own education and bring an added value to the people in their list.

They will set their weekly/ monthly quarterly, yearly business/income goals

They are always preparing their TO DO LIST, plan their week, record their activities and review how they have been doing and what it was missing!

Above all:
LEARNED LESSONS and Move forward!!!

The ADFplatform will be published soon.

If you think that you can follow us in this exciting journey, please send us a short presentation with your details:

To your success
Andreas Hadjoudes
Founder and Executive Advisor

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