A Successful Plan!!!
Find below the MOST IMPORTANT things that we focus on in our business.
Applying them WILL get you to the level of success that leaders experience in our team!
So, are you ready to be a successful leader or a co-founder? Here we go:
Answer first to the most crucial question:
Why do you want to do this business or do an online home based business?
Working with us, there are two ways to make a residual income:
1. Apply to be a member in a unique compensation plan by sending an email to
2. Start with our “Earn & Save” package
Simply, you can start saving money from the second month, if you so wish, from only $20 per month.
After that, maximize your interest rates, profits, your MASTER CARD’s limits by upgrading to SILVER, GOLD or PLATINUM as soon as you can. ADF is associated to CCC, registered in New Zealand and listed EDGAR Security and Exchange Commission in New York. The interest rate is 6% but you have many other benefits, like the yearly earnings and the “monthly rent”, not to mentioned the Master Card.
Recently, we have launched our new product but before you are applying to CCC/ADF 2020+ package, you can start earning some money and a monthly residual income.
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I would like to share this site with you because I’m sure that you want to have an online success and a secure financial future. The site is suitable for part-timers, students and women at home and it’s real because what we have in common is that we want to make some extra residual income.The best part of it is that the idea to develop the AndreasFund is based on principles: Integrity, Reliability and Professionalism: Founders, co-founders, top leaders and existing or potential customers respect each other because our GOAL is to “Save and Earn” together and the only objective that is binding us is the unique compensation plan.
Many people are losing a lot of time and money on the
Internet Marketing businesses. With AndreasFund IS not allowed to do that, if you just follow the steps.
What we did?
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In order to fascilitate our job, I decided to create AndreasFund and the Autonomous Development Fund (ADFplan). As you can easily see, AndreasFund is a self-financing program (auto-funding). You have the freedom to choose among the most professional programs on the Internet and Content Marketing, starting with Stone Evan’s and his free trial “one month couching”.
After Day One, you realize that the only thing you need to do is ACTION.
Our advice is the following:
Step One: Follow Stone Evan’s Free Trial for 20 minutes a day for 30 days. If you are a newbie, please don’t subscribe to any program or pay any money to anybody! If you do so, you will have the sole responsibility and we clearly declare that we are not responsible for any subscription you will make to any program.
The only way not to lose any money is to follow the 30-day trial and then:
-Open an account with PayPal or PAYZA for your own and our security.
Just follow the signs and contact us in case you will need any help: or
Remember, we are real people. Everybody knows that many people are subscribing to social media by different name or pseudonym. Here is not allowed.
When you are receiving your first money, you don’t need to spend all of them.
Its very important to follow the steps.
CCC would like to get your documents approved (ID or passport, a statement with your address)
Set up your automated monthly savings and gold purchases!
Get access to and participate in our Team Skype rooms
Sign up for the Team Training and go through all the steps without paying any money.
Get on your sponsors or team leaders training email list!
Attend the Google+ Hangouts or the Discussions on Facebook at:
Or the Webinars through Skype!
Our Top Leaders and Co-Founders are getting results, not only thinking!
They set up their sales funnel and they get it done!
They customize their follow up email messages.
Top Leaders are PERSONAL, RESPONSIBLE and they DO care about their customers.
If you are one of them, let us know and we are coming back to you as soon as possible.
We are sending informative content, we are writing articles, we are posting useful information, we are sending email broadcasts to our lists and we are posting videos very often.
We create YouTube videos and share them with our members, Social Media, Blogs and websites.
Our Top Leaders place their capture page somewhere every day.
We are giving to our leaders a percentage and a part of our earnings will be used for re-investing into marketing!
Our collaborators will be committed to their own education and bring an added value to the people in their list.
Our partners will set their weekly/ monthly quarterly, yearly business/income goals+ they will have all the benefits that our members have.
They are always preparing their TO DO LIST, plan their week, record their activities and review how they have been doing and what it was missing!
Above all:
LEARNED LESSONS and Move forward!!!
If you think that you can follow us in this exciting journey, please send us a short presentation with your details.
Success never sleeps!
Are you ready?
Most of the content will be provided, so it’s nothing to be afraid of!
What we would like to have in your description is to set up your GOALS!!!
We are here to help!
The most important for you is to find out the way to bring more members.
Bring 10 customers and you will be TOP LEADER.
Bring 50 customers and you will be Co-Founder.
To your success!
Andreas Hadjoudes – Founder and Executive Advisor
Skype: andreashadjoudes
SMS: 0035799617969